Respiratory Medicine
Access both key respiratory interview questions at ST3 level and generic interview questions for higher specialist training
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ST3 Respiratory Medicine Interview Skills for just £35.

The perfect companion for your ST3-level Respiratory Medicine Interview, you'll have 3 months unlimited access to this fantastic resource including:

- Over 70 commonly-asked questions, including comprehensive advice and guidance on answering each question with confidence
- Over 25 questions specific to ST3 Respiratory Medicine interviews, written by interview panel members who know exactly what you need to say to secure the job
- eLecture series:
o Interview preparation
o Body language and communication skills
o Writing the perfect medical CV
o Clinical governance
o NHS hot topics
o Finance
o Management
o Leadership
o Resolving conflict
o Research and working abroad

Sample Question

ST3 Respiratory Medicine Interview

Why do you want to be a respiratory physician?

Passion for the speciality
• Displays motivation
• Able to describe what attracted them to the speciality
• Describes an inspiring teacher
• Enthusiasm for new procedures/technologies

Knowledge of specialty
• Describe skills and experience gained to date
• Displays portfolio and continuing professional development
• Audit experience

Clear understanding of the role
• Able to describe the role
• Anticipates difficulties that may present and ways that they may be overcome
• Understands changes in work patterns and how it will affect them e.g. European working time directive, consultant delivered service
• Consider work/life balance

Clear picture of how they would contribute
• Areas of practice they would like to develop
• New services that they could set up
• Research interests
• New ways of working e.g more community based care with dissolution of the interface between primary and secondary care