Respiratory Medicine
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Sample Question

Consultant Respiratory Medicine Interview

You are tasked with setting up a COPD ‘hospital at home service’. How would you go about this?

What is the need for this service?
• Annual admission rates for COPD
• What proportion of these could be managed at home
• Look at potential cost savings and other benefits of homecare
• Draw up a business plan

What ‘hospital at home’ models are there?
• Visit other Trusts with services in place
• Consider different models and what would be most appropriate to your area

Training Personnel
• Who will be responsible for delivering the homecare?
• How will these individuals be trained?
• What are the lines of responsibility?
• Are there any governance issues?

Is a Pilot Scheme Necessary?
• What are the aims of the pilot?

What documentation is required?

How will you ensure that the scheme is fully utilised?
• Ways of advertising the service
• Identify potential problems with uptake

How will you assess outcomes?
• Demonstrate reduction in hospital admissions for COPD and/or length of stay
• Demonstrate cost savings
• Reduce hospital acquired infection rates
• Role of audit