Paediatrics and Child Health - ST1
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Sample Question

ST1 Paediatrics and Child Health Interview

What are the different levels of child protection training and what do they signify?

Awareness of Child Protection issues is an extremely important part of working within a paediatric department. Show an awareness of the levels and which is relevant to a Paediatrician
• 3 levels – dependent on exposure to paediatric care
• Level 3 would be required for a paediatrician
• Ref: (Inform – The UK’s Child Protection resource – ) and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health: Safeguarding Children and Young People role competencies (2010)

Explain the requirements for all staff and others
• Level one required by all staff including volunteers in a healthcare setting
• Level two required by clinical and non clinical staff likely to have regular (daily therapeutic) contact with children and young people
• Level three required for all staff working predominantly with children, young people and parents