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Sample Question

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology Interview

Give examples of the clinical activity parameters that you would wish to monitor in your Maternity Dashboard. What could a persistent score of green for a monitored parameter mean?

First define the term ‘Maternity Dashboard’
• The Consultant interview panel would usually involve non-medical members who may not be conversant with the topic; it would be important therefore for the candidate to spend the first few minutes of the answer to define what Maternity Dashboard means
• The Maternity Dashboard is a tool that can be used to monitor performance against agreed local standards. It follows the principles of a car dashboard which provides the driver with important warning signs so that appropriate action can be taken before the car breaks down. Various aspects of clinical governance can be monitored by the Maternity dashboard, so that corrective action can be taken where there is deviation from expected performance. Using the car dashboard colours of green, amber and red, green in the maternity dashboard signifies that goals are met (i.e performance is within the agreed local standards), amber represents a situation where the goals are not met (i.e, above the lower threshold but below the upper threshold), amber indicates that action is need if one is to avoid getting into the red zone. Red signifies that the upper threshold is breached. Immediate action is required from the highest level to maintain safety and restore quality.

Give examples of what might be measured
• Examples of clinical activity parameters that can be monitored include: caesarean section rates, instrumental delivery rates, number of successful vaginal births after caesarean section, number of antenatal bookings each month etc.

Discuss reasons for a persistent green score
• If a parameter scores green consistently, it may reflect consistent good performance or it may be that the agreed standards are too low and easily achieved. It may be reasonable to review the local standards. This may help drive up standard of care.