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The perfect companion for your Consultant-level Neurology Interview, you'll have 3 months unlimited access to this fantastic resource including:

- Over 70 commonly-asked questions, including comprehensive advice and guidance on answering each question with confidence
- Over 25 questions specific to Consultant Neurology interviews, written by interview panel members who know exactly what you need to say to secure the job
- Brand new mock interview feature. Respond to the panel's questions and record your answers using a webcam or by typing

Sample Question

Consultant Neurology Medicine Interview

How do we know you are safe to treat patients with neurological diseases?

This is an opportunity to emphasise how well trained you are and how this makes you suitable for the post being applied for
• Briefly describe your neurology training / experience to date.
• Highlight how you have been assessed and passed stage assessments, as related to neurology, during your training (mini clinical evaluation exercises (mini CEX), case based discussions (CBD), direct observation of procedure skills (DOPS), annual reviews (Record of In-Training Assessment (RITA) or Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) etc).
• Demonstrate that you are well trained and have a good track record.
• Show that your level of experience is suited to the post you are applying for.

Ensure the panel realises that you take patient safety extremely seriously
• Highlight that you are aware of your limitations and realise when you need help and where you would obtain help from.