Geriatric Medicine
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Sample Question

Consultant Geriatric Medicine Interview

What are the characteristics of a good geriatrician?

Comprehensive training in general medicine, experience in specific features of illness in the elderly with well developed team working skills.

General medicine training
• General medical training in all disciplines
• Experience of acute medicine and unselected medical take from on-call duty

Experience in core geriatric health problems possibly with additional time spent in specific domain
• Experience in major components of health care for the elderly
• These should include: falls; incontinence; frailty and mobility issues; care home medicine; rehabilitation and medical input to intermediate care services; cognitive impairment and mental health older adults; stroke and Parkinson’s disease services; palliative care services; management of health care for patients with multiple co-morbidities
• Evidence of specific additional training in a core component to a higher level as a special interest

Experience and training in multi-disciplinary team working
• Training in participation in effective multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working
• Evidence of attendance of MDT meetings in several elderly care services
• Shows leadership qualities with evidence of encouraging team members to deliver on their disciplines strengths. Integrates the views of all members to achieve a solution, whilst displaying respect of members’ expertise

Clear focus on patient-centred care
• Putting patient first in decisions on their health care.
• Ability to balance potential interventions with those appropriate for individuals cases.
• Clear appreciation of Mental Capacity Act 2005 on decisions for older adults.
• Upholding dignity and equity for older adults.

Pitfalls to avoid
• Ineffective team working by taking dictatorial role rather than leadership.
• Considers training in general medicine as more important than experience in common health problems of older adults.