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Sample Question

Consultant General Surgery Interview

What features in you make a good surgeon?

Manual Dexterity
• The importance of basic manual dexterity
• The ability to show improvement and learn new techniques
• The importance in recognising that improvement comes with practice and reflection on ones deficiencies
• The importance to be able to reflect on your practice to be able to train your juniors
• The ability to effectively supervise whilst not compromising patient care
• The ability to learn from your juniors and move with the times

Problem Solving Ability
• The ability to approach a problem in a rational and stepwise fashion
• The ability to assimilate the information obtained and formulate an action plan
• The ability to recognise that this plan can be surgical, medical or conservative depending on the problem and that these options may change
• The ability to disseminate this information to the patient in a way they can understand
• The ability to involve your team in the problem solving process
• The ability to let your team learn from their mistakes in an environment which cultivates learning

Working Under Pressure
• Should be able to work in pressured environments
• Be able to prioritise tasks in order of clinical importance
• Should be able to keep calm when things are not going to plan
• Should be able to multitask effectively
• Should be able to act as head of a team and delegate appropriately
• To be able to manage both clinical and non-clinical priorities by the effective use of the resources at ones disposal

Team Working
• Please see “What makes you a good team player”

Additional Notes
• The answer will be individualised according to your own beliefs
• Remember there is more to a surgeon than operating and communication is a very important skill