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Sample Question

Consultant Gastroenterology Interview

Are Nurse Endoscopists a help or a hindrance?

Consider what Nurse Endoscopists currently do
• Explain the current roles of NEs: OGD/flexi sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy, and that they are also involved in training/audit and unit management
• Demonstrate awareness that the expansion in nurse endoscopist numbers has recently plateaued

Consider what roles are involved
• Training accreditation under JAG if anything is more rigorous than for trainees
• Understand in many units the majority of screening work is now performed by NEs
• Overall care of patients should remain under Gastroenterologists

• Therapeutic procedures are now being performed more often and NEs are now involved in the BCSP
• For workforce planning NEs can allow lists to be planned better, i.e. more predictable hours of work, with no on calls etc

Consider what will happen in the future
• Great source of knowledge and training for junior registrars
• Remains uncertainty about how much further roles should expand into therapy and follow up clinics

Pitfalls to avoid
• Be aware there are some strong advocates and opponents of NEs. Overall, NEs are seen as a very useful person to have on board, usually bringing lots experience to the table