Access both key cardiology interview questions at ST3 level and generic interview questions for higher specialist training
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ST3 Cardiology Interview Skills for just £35.

The perfect companion for your ST3-level Cardiology Interview, you'll have 3 months unlimited access to this fantastic resource including:

- Over 70 commonly-asked questions, including comprehensive advice and guidance on answering each question with confidence
- Over 25 questions specific to ST3 Cardiology interviews, written by interview panel members who know exactly what you need to say to secure the job
- eLecture series:
o Interview preparation
o Body language and communication skills
o Writing the perfect medical CV
o Clinical governance
o NHS hot topics
o Finance
o Management
o Leadership
o Resolving conflict
o Research and working abroad

Sample Question

ST3 Cardiology Interview

Where will Cardiology be in 10 years time?

Think in both organisational and clinical terms

Organisation of primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary services
• Consider expanded roles of GPSIs and community nurses
• Which services will be provided in secondary care
• What will remain the preserve of tertiary/quaternary centres

Changing population factors
• What services will expand in an aging population?
• Impact of altered prevalence of risk factors (e.g. less tobacco use, more obesity and diabetes)
• Geographical distribution of service provision

Novel treatments
• New pharmacology options (anticoagulation, antiarrhythmics, antiplatelets, neuroendocrine)
• Evolution of existing modalities (PCI, EP, devices)
• New modalities (stem cells, novel surgical prosthesis, grown to order organs)

Pitfalls to avoid
o Avoid absurd flights of fancy
o Do not be over technical, make answers accessible to non cardiologists on the panel