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Sample Question

Consultant Cardiology Interview

What are the challenges associated with setting up a primary angioplasty service?

The role of the PCT
• Appropriate commissioning of services with additional funding as required
• A commitment of long term support for the project
• Recognise the service cannot be brought in without the support of the funders

Infrastructure required
• Telecommunications
• Front of house organisation
• Catheter lab specification
• Post procedure recovery beds

Pre Hospital Mechanisms
• Education of primary care providers
• Organisation of ambulance service

Staffing considerations in the hospital
• Appreciation of on call team required
• Knock on effects on daytime staffing
• Junior doctor rotas
• Consultant work pattern and training issues

Pitfalls to avoid
• Do not assume it is 'all about you' as the Cardiologist
• Do not get diverted into technical aspects of the procedure or the benefits of the treatment